Facts about Italy

Where is Italy?

Italy is in Southern Europe. Italy is a peninsula, which means it's surrounded by sea on three sides. To the north, it shares boundaries with France, Austria and Switzerland.

Because of its distinctive shape, Italy is known as 'The Boot'.


The capital city of Italy is Rome. Within Rome, you can find the smallest independent country in the world: Vatican City. The head of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, lives in Vatican City.

Pasta is national dish of Italy. Each Italian consumes more than 25 kilograms of pasta in just one year.

One of the world's largest mountain ranges - the Alps - stretches into northern Italy. Snow can start falling on the Alps as early as September - making for ideal skiing conditions.

leaning Tower of PisaMore than 97 percent of Italians are Roman Catholic.

The most famous building in Italy is the leaning Tower of Pisa. It is a tower which leans over to one side.

Italy has several volcanoes. One of its volcanoes, Mount Vesuvius, is still active.

Pompeii, an Italian city, was destroyed by Vesuvius in AD 79; the city was buried under lava and thousands of people were swept up in the molten mess.