7 December

Dear Children,

Thank you for your e-mail. Many people ask me how I get my reindeers to fly.

I will let you into my secret, as I have been told you work very hard at school.

I sprinkle pixie dust over the reindeers just before we go flying. You may remember that Peter Pan also used pixie dust to make him fly too. It is very special dust and is very hard to find. My elves know where to find it.

The most important thing is to BELIEVE they can fly. If I believe and the reindeers also believe they can fly, then up, up and away we go but, if one of us gets scared, we fall back down to the ground with a bump and that hurts!

My elves and I are almost ready for Christmas Eve. We have all your toys ready. I love this time of year, don't you?

I better go and have my tea now. Mrs Christmas is calling me.

See you on Christmas Eve!