Facts about Sweden

Where is the Sweden?
Sweden is in Northern Europe, in between Finland and Norway.

Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland belong to what is called the Nordic countries.

Scandinavia is Sweden and Norway.

The capital city of Sweden is Stockholm.

The population of Sweden is about nine million.
(The population of London is about seven and a half million.)

Sweden is called " The land of the midnight sun " or " The land of the Vikings ". Do you know why? (Pop back to our Norway page to remind yourself about the midnight sun. You may also wish to visit our Viking page)

Sweden has a King. King Carl XVI Gustaf came to the throne in 1973.

About 88 % of the population in Sweden belong to the Swedish church, which is a Lutheran Church .

The Swedish word for father is far and mother mor .

The currency of Sweden is called krona (crown).