Anthems of Britain

Whenever England play Scotland or Wales at football and the teams line up for the National Anthems something a bit strange happens.

The Scots sing their anthem, Flower of Scotland and the Welsh sing theirs, Land of My Fathers but the English don’t. England does not have an anthem. Sport teams of representing just England sing the British National Anthem, God Save the Queen.

The British National Anthem is not wholly English as it incorporates all the countries that make up the United Kingdom. It is no wonder that people living in other countries confuse Britain with England!

It goes with out question that the British anthem should really only be sung when a team is representing the whole of the UK or Britain.¬†England’s Rugby team now have unofficially adopted Land of Hope and Glory which is sung before rugby matches.

Many people, like the England Rugby team, would prefer a more patriotic song for England such as Land of Hope and Glory or Jerusalem.

Should England have a different anthem other than God Save the Queen?
What would be your choice of a typical English song?

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