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British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales
England and Alabama
  The largest country in Great Britain. It is bordered by Scotland (N) North Sea (E) English Channel (S) and Wales (W). A state in the southeastern United States. It is bordered by Tennessee (N), Georgia (E), Florida and the Gulf of Mexico (S), and Mississippi (W).
Red cross on a white background. The emblem of St. George
Crimson St. Andrew's cross on a white field,
Area 50,334 sq mi (130,365 sq km) 51,609 sq mi (133,677 sq km)
Population 49,561,800 (2002) 4,530,182 (2004 estimate)
Population Density
383 per
(990 per sq mi)
34 people per sq km
(89 per sq mi)
Capital London Montgomery
Major Cities

London - (7,172,036 )
Birmingham - (976,400)
Liverpool - (439,476)
Manchester, - (392,900)

Montgomery - (201,425)
Birmingham - (239,416)
Mobile - (194,862)
Huntsville - (162,536).
Highest pt.
Scafell Pike 3,210 ft (978 m)
Cheaha Mt., 2,407 ft (734 m)
Lowest p.t The Fens, 4.6 metres (15 feet) below sea level Sea level where Alabama meets the Gulf of Mexico
Longest River Thames (346 km) Alabama ( 310 miles )
Largest Lake
Windermere 5.69mi² (14.73km²)
Lake Guntersville 69,000 acres (28,000 ha)
Average Temperature 11.1° C (52° F) in the south and 8.9° C (48° F) in the north-east
(See our Climate page)
15.6° C (60° F) in the north to about 21.1° C (about 70° F) near the Gulf of Mexico.
Highest Temperature 101.3°F in Brogdale, Kent (south east England) on 10 August 2003. 112° Fahrenheit at Centerville on September 5, 1925
Lowest Temperature -14.8°F at Newport (Shropshire) on 10 January 1982. -27°F at New Market on January 30, 1966
Motto, Dieu et mon Droit
(French for ‘God and my right’).

Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere
(We Dare Defend Our Rights)

National Bird Robin Yellowhammer
National Flower Red Rose Camellia.
National Tree Oak Southern (longleaf) pine
National Animal Lion  
England and Alabama
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