The Festival of Easter

This is the time of year for pancake races, Mothering Sunday and Easter.
Shrove Tuesday History of Easter Holy Saturday
Ash Wednesday Palm Sunday Easter Day
Lent Maundy Thursday Easter Quiz
Mothering Sunday Good Friday Easter Customs
Read about what one English kid does on Easter Day
  Why does the date of Easter change from year to year?
  Ash Wednesday
  When is Lent?   When is Ash Wednesday?
  What is Lent?   What happens on Ash Wednesday?
  When does Lent begin?   Why is it called Ash Wednesday?
  When does Lend end?   
  Mothering Sunday
  Palm Sunday
  When is Mother's Day in Engalnd?   What is Palm Sunday?
  What traditions and customs occur
   on Mothering Sunday?
  What happened on Palm Sunday?
  Maundy Thursday
  Good Friday
  What is Maundy Thursday?   What is Good Friday?
  What happened on Maundy   Thursday?   When is Good Friday?
  What is the Maundy Day Ceremony?   Why is it called Good Friday?
  What traditions and customs occur on   Maundy Thursday?   What happend on Good Friday in   the bible?
    Is fish traditional food to eat on Good Friday?
  Holy Saturday
  Easter Day
  What happened on the day before   Easter?   When is Easter?
  What is the history of Easter?
  When is Easter Saturday?   What are the origins of Easter?
  What traditions and customs occur on    Holy Saturday ?   What traditions and customs occur   on Easter Sunday?
  What is the Easter Vigil?   What happened on Easter day in   the Bible?
    Why do we give eggs at Easter?
    When do we give Eggs?
    What does the word Easter mean?
    What special foods are eaten?

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