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Skipping Rhymes

I had a little puppy
His name was Tiny Tim
I put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim
He drank all the water, he ate a bar of soap
The next thing you know he had a bubble in his throat.
In came the doctor,
(person jumps in)
In came the nurse,
( person jumps in)
In came the lady with the alligator purse
(person jumps in)
Out went the doctor
(person jumps out)
Out went the nurse
(person jumps out)
Out went the lady with the alligator purse
(person jumps out)

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, show your shoe
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, that will do!

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, go upstairs
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say your prayers
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn out the lights
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say good-night!

The skipper jumps the rope whilst singing this rhyme, he/she acts out the actions as the words come up in the rhyme.

I like coffee, I like tea,
I like
(person's name) to jump with me.
(That person joins the first person so that two are now jumping. )
One, two, three, change places, seven, eight, nine, change places, etc.
(until the pair missed. The two change from right to left each time they said "change places" and all would keep track of who got the highest number before missing.)

Had a little bumper car, number 48, went around the corner
(skipper jumps out and runs around the twirler and run back in the rope. Keep saying 'corner' until the skipper jumps back in)

and slams on the brakes.
Policeman came and put me in jail.
How many days did he put me in jail?
(count until the player messes up)

Apples, peaches, pears and plums
Tell me when your birthday comes,

The rope is then turned very fast whilst saying the months of the year (Jan, Feb, Mar etc). the skipper should end on his or her birthday.

Down by the river, down by the sea,
Johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me.
I told ma, ma told pa,
Johnny got a spanking so ha ha ha.

How many spankings did Johnny get?
1, 2, 3....

Keep counting until the jumper messes up.

This is a double-dutch jump rope song.


POP-UPS 10 TO 1 - HIT IT. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.

Jack Jumped Over - the jumper jumps up very high with both feet leaving the ground at the same time.

Mumble - by putting both feet together making very small hops;

Kick - repeatedly kicking one foot outward and back again;

Sizzler - crossing and uncrossing feet and legs;

Split - opening and closing legs about 5 feet apart;

Pop - jumping high in the rope with both feet coming off the ground together.

The rhyme starts with the rope being swung back and forth, not over

Blue bells, cockle shell
Easy ivy over

Swing rope over head on over and continue in normal rope swing.

Oh no, here comes Miss Blackwell
with her big black stick
Now its time for arithmetic

One plus one is?
(jumper responds) Two

Two plus two is?
(jumper responds) Four

Four plus four is?
(jumper responds) Eight

Eight plus eight is?
(jumper responds) Sixteen

Now its time for spelling
Spell cat.
(jumper responds) C-A-T

Spell dog.
(jumper responds) D-O-G

Spell hot.
(jumper responds) H-O-T

When the jumper finishes spelling HOT swing the rope as fast as possible till they mess up.
Mickey Mouse
Built a house
How many bricks
Did he use?
One , two, three
four, five, six...
All in together girls
Never mind the weather girls
When I call your birthday
You must jump in.
January, February
March, April, May, June,
July, August, September,
October, November, December!
Touch the ground
Turn right round
Go upstairs
Say your prayers
Switch off the light
And say goodnight!
Sausage in a pan,
Sausage in a pan,
Turn 'em 'over, turn 'em 'over,
(you have to turn to face the other direction, then back again)
Sausage in a pan.

Clapping Rhymes

Some children enjoy clapping rhymes. This is where they clap hands with each other whilst saying a rhyme.

Below we have written some of the rhymes we use in our school playground:

A sailor went to sea, sea, sea.
To see what he could see, see, see.
But all that he could see, see, see.
Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea.

Have you ever, ever, ever, in your long legged life
met a long legged sailor with a long legged wife?
No, I never, never, never, in my long legged life
met a long legged sailor with a long legged wife

Have you ever, ever, ever, in your short legged life....

....pigeon toed life...
....bow legged life...
....spoon headed life...

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