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British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales
The Making of the Union Flag

To summarize...

The formation of the Union Flag (Union Jack) came about as the result of the progressive merging of the inhabitants of the British Isles under one throne.

1603 - King James VI of Scotland inherited the English throne and became King James I of England.

1606 - the National Flags of Scotland and England were united for use at sea, thus making the first Union Flag

The Union Flag of 1606
The first Union Flag (1606)

1707 - during the reign of Queen Anne, the first Union Flag was by royal proclamation made the National flag of Great Britain, for use ashore and afloat.

1801 - Ireland was united with Great Britain and the present Union Flag was formed.

The Union Flag consists of the three heraldic crosses of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick.

The flags of the Patron Saints of England, Scotland and Ireland are represented on the Union Flag. But, why is Wales not represented on the Union Flag?

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