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Football Club

Many children in England, especially boys, are mad about football.

Football Training

On Monday night I go to Motspur Park to get extra goalkeeper training from the Fulham Academy coaches with my friend Adam.

First we have to warm up and stretch so we do not pull a muscle when we are running around. Then we get spilt into our age groups.

The Head Coach will show us what we are going to do in the session, and then we go and practise.

The coach watches the practise and tells you how you are doing. He will help you correct any mistakes you are making. I find this very helpful.

We are called together again so that the coach can show us the next exercise to do. We then have a go at this with the coach watching.

After this we stop for a drink break. It is important to drink when you are exercising.

Then we have another training exercise to do.

Finally we do a cool down, which are slow exercises and stretches to make sure that our muscles do not hurt by slowly cooling down the body.

We have had lots of different drills to learn. Here are some of them. Drop kicking, handling, communication, positional play, fitness, and throwing.

I enjoy these sessions because they have helped me to improve and I’ve made some new friends.

Do you belong to a football club? Please write and tell me about your club. (

Written by Ross aged 8 years

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