Questions about St George and St Georges Day
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All about St. George (Saint George)

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 St George's Day Questions
  who is the patron saint of england
 When is St George's Day?
 What is else is celebrated on April 23rd?

 Who was St George?
St. George's Life
When was St George born?
What was St Georges Occupation? What job did St George do?
How many times did St. George visit England?
 What did the Roman Emperor do that made St. George angry?
 What was St. George's reaction when he heard what the Roman Emperor was doing?
 What did the Roman Emperor do to St. George?
Patron Saint
 Why is St George the Patron Saint of England?
 What did St George do to become England's patron saint?
 What is St George the Patron Saint of apart from England?
 What does the flag of St George look like?
Legend of St George
 Is the legend of St George really true?
 Did St George really kill a dragon?
 What is the legend of St George?
 What is St. George reputed to have slain?
 Where is St. George alleged to have slain the Dragon?

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