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In 1714, George I became king. He began a line of Kings and Queens called the Hanovers, who rule Britain until 1837. At this time, Britain was one of the most powerful countries in the world, with London at the heart of its trade

London quickly grew in size and population during the Georgian era. In 1801 the population reached about one million. Merchants and bankers grew rich and many lived in the new West End. Other people suffered terrible poverty. Thousands lived in filthy East End slums, where disease, crime and drunkenness were common.

Georgian houseMany new town houses were built. These houses were tall and three windows wide. They had arched doorways, with a window above called a fanlight. You can still see this kind of house today.

The streets of London were badly lit and full of beggars and thieves.

Several hospitals were founded in during the Georgian era including Westminster (1720), Guys (1724), St Georges (1733), London (1740) and Middlesex (1745).


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