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British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales
Timeline of the Kings and Queens of England

Hundreds of years ago, Britain didn't have just one king - it had lots! Celtic kings and princes ruled Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and everything else was divided up between tribes of Anglo-Saxons.

Each tribe had its own king. Sometimes one king became more powerful than the others, and for a while he would be overlord or chief king.Then in early 800s, bands of Danish Vikings from northern Europe began attacking Britain. In 878, the Saxon King of Wessex, Alfred the Great won a great battle against the Danes and forced them to agree to peace. Much of Britain was divided into Danish land (the Danelaw) and Anglo-Saxon Land (England).

Gradually the Danes and the Saxons learned to live together and in 924 Athelstan (Alfred's grandson) became king of both Saxon and Danish lands - the first 'King of England'. But England wasn't peaceful for long. After about 60 years, the Viking raids began again - and only ended in 1016, when the Danish King, Canute, became King of England.

Timeline of the Kings and Queens of England
from 1066 to 1603

The Normans
(1066 - 1154)
(1154 - 1399) 
The House of York
(1461 - 1485)
The Tudors
(1485 -1603)

Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom
from 1603 to the present day

The Stuarts
(1603 - 1649) (1660 - 1714)
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and The Windsors
(1901 -1910) (1910 - Today)

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