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East Midlands of England

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East Midlands

Counties: Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire
(including Rutland), Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.

The East Midlands is the fourth largest region in England.


Most of the East Midlands is low-lying.

The chalky Chiltern Hills lie along the southern boundary of this region. North of these in Northamptonshire, lies the valley of the river Nene, running between two ridges of higher ground. Further north, in Lincolnshire, the county consists of heathland, with wolds (low hills) to the east, and marshland over in the west running towards the North Sea. The river Trent, England's third largest river, runs through Nottinghamshire to join the river Ouse and form the Humber.

The Peak DistricyNational Park - The Peak District
The Peak District is in the north west corner of the East Milands. It is mostly in county of Derbyshire but spills over into adjoining counties.

The highest point in the East Midlands region is Kinder Scout, in the Derbyshire Peak District at 636m.


Important towns and cities

The most important cities and towns are the ancients ones of Lincoln, Nottingham, Bedford, Ely, and Northampton. The largest city and the generally recognized "capital" of the East Midlands is Nottingham.

Grimbsy, in northeast Lincolnshire is a fishing port.


Nottingham has a worldwide reputation for its fine lace. There are also heavy industries and many power stations along the banks of the river Trent. Northampton is an important leather working centre. The clay beds of Bedfordshire have been quarried for brick making. Precision instruments are made around Cambridge. Leicester has shoe factories.

Farming and Fishing

The rich, peaty fens have made the East Midlands one of England's most important arable lands. The region's farmers supply fruit and vegetables to local industries for freezing, canning and jam-making. Other crops include cereals and sugarbeet. Shorthorn cows provide milk for making Stilton cheese, in Nottinghamshire.

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