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Awareness Days and Events in Britain

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image: cal 2010bullet1 November - All Saints Day (Christian)

bullet 31 October - 6 November - National Adoption Week
Aiming to raise awareness about adoption and recruit adoptive families for the 4,000 children who are currently in care waiting to be adopted.

The week aims to raise awareness of the role that pathology has in everyday healthcare - from diabetes, and cancer to the 'flu virus and the fight against superbugs.

bullet 2 November - National Stress Awareness Day
Organised by the International Stress Management Association UK

bullet 5 November - Guy Fawkes Day / Bonfire night

bullet 8 November - World Town Planning Day

World Town Planning Day is celebrated in 30 countries on four continents each 8 November. It is a special day to recognise and promote the role of planning in creating livable communities.

bullet 10 November - Remembrance Sunday

bullet 11 November - Armistice Day

bullet 14 November - World Diabetes Day

Celebrating the birthday of Frederick Banting who, along with Charles Best, first conceived the idea which lead to the discovery of insulin in October 1921.  

bullet 15 - 21 November - Enterprise Week

The national celebration of enterprise, inspiring young people to turn their ideas into reality.

bullet 16 November - International Day for Tolerance

bullet 19 November - World Toilet Day
The purpose of having this day is to have people in all countries to take action, increase awareness of toilet user's right to a better toilet environment.

bullet20 November - Universal Children's Day
First observed in 1953. It is a time to honour children by special ceremonies and festivals and to make children's needs known to governments.

bullet18 November - BBC Children in Need Appeal
The BBC Children in Need TV show is a seven-hour TV extravaganza.

bullet 20 November - World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Annual Day recognising the loss and suffering of road victims and their families. Road traffic crashes kill nearly 1.3 million people every year and injure or disable as many as 50 million more. They are the leading cause of death among young people aged 10–24 years.

bullet 21 November - World Television Day
Celebrated to encourage global exchanges of television programmes, particularly those focusing on peace, security, economic and social development, and the enhancement of cultural exchanges.

bullet 21 November 2010 World Hello Day

Anyone can participate in World Hello Day simply by greeting ten people.

bullet 21 - 15 November - National Anti-Bullying Week

Encourages schools to tackle bullying and make schools safer learning environments. The theme will be around school and community and will provide scope to explore safer routes to and from school, community cohesion, engaging parents/carers in school life, cyberbullying, and extended school provision.

bullet 23 November 2010 - National Freelancers Day
Focussing on the contribution that freelancers, contractors and consultants make to the UK economy

bullet 21 - 27 November - Road Safety Week
Every day, ten people are killed and ten times as many are seriously injured on Britain's roads alone.

bullet 27 Nov - 5 Dec - National Tree Week

A major countrywide festival founded to mark the start of the planting season and celebrate trees and woods. It includes tree planting and other events, such as tree dressing, talks and story telling.

bullet 30th November - St Andrew's Day

bullet 30th November - Computer Security Day
Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to help raise awareness of computer related security issues. The goal is to remind people to protect their computers and information.



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