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What subjects do children learn at school?

Child workingAll children aged from 5 - 16 are taught the National Curriculum. The main aim of the National Curriculum is to raise standards, making sure all children have a broad and balanced education up to the age of 16 and to ensure that schools in all parts of the country are following the same courses. The National Curriculum specifies what children must study and what they are expected to know at different ages.

The National Curriculum made up of the following subjects:

English (speaking, listening, reading and writing.)


Religious Education


Design and technology

Information and communication technology (Computers)

History ( local history, the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in Britain, Britain and the wider world in Tudor times , either Victorian Britain or Britain since 1930,
Ancient Greeks and one of the following past societies: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer, the Assyrian Empire, the Indus Valley, the Maya, Benin, or the Aztecs).




Physical education (PE)

and a modern foreign language eg French or German

Find out more about the National Curriculum.

If you want to find out exactly what we learn in each subject, you can visit the schemes of work.


Answered by Sarah

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