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St Joseph's Como/ Oyster Bay in Sydney, NSWAustalia flagAustraliaAustalia flag

With special thanks to
Year 4 at St Joseph's Como/ Oyster Bay in Sydney
New South Wales, Australia,
for providing us with most of the content of this page.


Santas sleigh

In Australia, a different animal is often pictured pulling Santa's sleigh.

What animal do you think it could be?

Australians often call this animal a boomer.


















Santa's sleigh is often shown being pulled by six white boomers!
(That’s slang for Kangaroos!

Six white boomers! (That’s slang for Kangaroos!)

mapThe following descriptions about celebrating Christmas in Australia have been provided by students in Year 4 at St Joseph’s Primary School Como/Oyster Bay, which is located in Sydney’s south. They are approximately 9 and 10 years old.

Australia is in the southern hemisphere.

Winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in th southern hemisphereIt is Summer time in Australia - the children enjoy Christmas during their Summer holidays.

In the UK, it is Winter time - the children enjoy Christmas during their Winter holiday.



How does my family celebrate Christmas?


My family’s Christmas celebrations begin on Christmas Eve when we attend Mass as a family. After that, we go to my sister’s and look in the sky to search for Santa! On Christmas morning, we sit around the tree together opening presents. Then all of the aunties, uncles and cousins come over for a cold lunch of prawns, chicken, ham and salmon. We listen to Christmas songs as we eat. After lunch we swim in the pool or go on the slip and slide until it is dark.

Christmas in Australia

Ryan H

My family’s Christmas is divided into one year for one family and one for the other. First we get up and open our Christmas presents and then we gather at someone’s house. We change each house every second year. On one of my family’s side we have to buy present for each other. The kids usually go with each other and the parents go with each other. As we gather we sit down and have lunch we have a selection of roast meats and salad. After we eat our lunch we have some Christmas pudding and other treats. Then we play soccer or cricket till dark.

Luke F

For my family’s Christmas we go to two Christmas celebrations one at my grandparents’ house with my aunts and uncle on my dad’s side of the family. For my mum’s side of the family we go to my pop’s house with my cousins and my aunty and uncle. Every year we take turns for which house goes first and last. But before we go anywhere we have to open our presents around the Christmas tree!I am usually the first one to wake up so I have a sneaky peak at my presents in my stocking. Then we have to wait until everybody wakes up. My mum is always last.

Lily B

First we open our presents and then we go down the coast to my Nanny and Poppy’s house for lunch with my cousins. After lunch we play games and then we go to my Ah Ma and Ah Ye’s house and celebrate Christmas with my daddy’s side of the family. We have dinner and open more presents. It’s a really long day.

Matt L

Me and my family spend Christmas Eve at our grandparent’s house where we swim in their pool with all our family, then we have dinner with all my cousins and family and then we sit down and open our presents from aunties and uncles. After that, one of  my older cousins brings fireworks and we sit down and watch them and we go for a midnight swim with the pool lights on then we have desert and more fireworks. Next we light up the bonfire and all sit around, then its time to go home ready for Christmas. The next morning, on Christmas Day we go to church then go to our other grandparent’s house.

Audrey V

For Christmas my family wakes up opens their presents and then I sometimes, make a special Christmas breakfast or my mum. Then we might have a Christmas party at our house and then we would go swimming or go to my grandpa’s house or just stay home and have fun with my family. When night comes we usually play a board game or just watch the television together. Usually we get a new Christmas movie and watch that.  

Emma F

For Christmas my family all wake up with joy and go to open our presents. Then in the day we all have our family over for a barbeque and a swim. We have so much fun with our family all sitting around the dressed Christmas tree. When we dress the Christmas tree everyone has to be involved.

Sasha R

For Christmas my family wake up and at 7:00 we open presents. Then at 8:00 we make Christmas breakfast. After that we go to our pool area and play there whilst mum makes turkey for lunch. When lunch is ready our granddad comes over with his friend and we eat. For dinner we have Christmas pudding, then at night we watch a movie and stay up late we then go to bed all in the same room.

Jordan M

For Christmas my family celebrates by waking up early and opening our presents, then we go to church. After that we go to my cousin’s house and open more presents. Then we go to my Nan and pop’s house to have a baked lunch we do some dancing and we open more presents then we go into the pool and just hang until dinner. Most of us stay the night there and that’s how I celebrate Christmas.

Nicholas T

For Christmas usually it is voted for whose house we spend it! We sort this out before Christmas so it is not a last minute thing.
When we wake up on Christmas day I sneak down and shake my presents just to check if they are Lego. I then slowly tip toe up stairs and go wake mum and dad up with myself leaping on to their quiet bodies. We then go down stairs and unwrap our presents and then start making lunch for the family coming over. Sometimes family friends come over. When we make lunch we wait tensely until we hear the doorbell jump up and run to the door to open it. Usually I'm in the pool not waiting just playing with the surf boards. When they realize I’m in the pool they get in their swimmers and jump in. After that we then give each other the present we provided to celebrate the occasion. After the great lunch we have a cake then everyone goes home at about 7:30 pm.

Erin B

My family has two types of Christmas. Every second year we go to Ireland and have a cold Christmas with our Nanny, Pa, aunts, uncles and cousins. It’s so cold that sometimes it snows. We have a hot Christmas dinner and spend a lot of time inside.  Our Australian Christmas is totally different. First we open our presents and then we spend most of our time outside in the pool because its so hot. When were in the pool we play games, races and lots more. Then we go upstairs, eat our Christmas dinner and that is how I celebrate Christmas.

Sophie G

For Christmas my family drives to Melbourne every second year to spend time with my dad’s family and every other year we stay in Sydney to spend time with my mum's family. We go to Mass on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning i usually wake up early and sneak downstairs to see if Santa has come. I then go and wake everyone up and we  open our presents together and exchange gifts. My dad cooks a hot lunch on the weber barbeque and we spend the day with my cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents. In the evening we have more food and exchange gifts with the extended family. We listen to Christmas carols, play games and enjoy being together.
Every year my Pop in Melbourne buys all his grandchildren a chocolate Christmas stocking, it is a tradition!

Greetings from Perth, Western

A typical Perth Christmas Day is VERY hot (38 Celsius)

Our family get together for breakfast at one of my daughter's home, where all presents are opened. Later, we will meet again for lunch. We have some of the "traditional" food, with hot beef, pork and turkey, but prefer some of the cold meats and salads. Desert will be some Christmas plum pudding, but again to have fruit salad and pavlova with LOTS of ice cream. We have to cool down somehow!

Have a happy Christmas!

David and Loyola Wares and family

Greetings from Melbourne, SE Australia.Map

Christmas is very hot here, as it falls in summer.

On Christmas eve, there is usually a church service outdoors on the school oval, everyone brings a picnic rug to sit on and we sometimes light candles to sing carols. On hot days there is a total fire ban, so then there are no candles allowed.

Christmas day afternoon is a good time to go down to the beach to try out any new beach toys. Once on a really hot day, I saw kangaroos cooling off in the surf. Some people celebrate with the traditional meal of turkey, but many people opt for seafood salads or barbeques.

Merry Christmas to you!
Paula Witney

16 days till Christmas!

I hope it will snow this Christmas.
I want to go sledging and build a snowman.

Do you hope it will snow too?

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