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Where does the information on each country in the advent calendar come from?

Most of the information on the Woodlands Junior Advent calendar comes from schools and visitors around the world sending us the information on Christmas in their country. If you would like to add information to one of our pages, please send an email to me


How can teachers see the contents of the Advent Calendar beforehand?

Teachers wishing to share all the days on our calendar with their class before the end of term, please send an email to Mandy with your school name and she send you the link to where you can access all of the windows right now.

When does the Advent Calendar start?

The Advent Calendar will start on December 1st. It is only from this date that the 'no peeping' sign is removed.

Quiz for students

Woodlands Junior would like to thank Pete Cowen, from Benton Park Primary School, for sharing the quiz he made based around our Advent Calendar.

Click here to go to the quiz

How are advent calendar is being used

"We have been paraphrasing the facts for each country and printing them out and pasting them underneath each countries' flag. We made each of the flags out of felt and other craft materials. This poster will be a great learning tool for years to come."

"We print the pages each day and put them on our noticeboard."

What will happen in December?

Through out December, we activate our Calendar after 21:00 GMT the night before each day. This allows our visitors from over seas to be able to open the calendar during their morning.

Please note: As I am changing our advent main page daily, when you visit our page the next day you may still be viewing an old version ( a cache ) of the page.

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Why you may have to do this

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If you do continue to have problems, or have any other questions about our Advent Calendar, please email




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