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Seasons and Climate

The following questions have been sent to us by children visiting our website.

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sunquestionAre the winters cold in England?
Joshua - Canada

Yes. We have often have to scrape the ice of our car windows in the mornings.


question Are the summers long or short, warm or cool, in England?
Brittany - Canada

The weather in England changes a lot. The usual temperature is about 25 decrees Celsius in the summer months.


questionWhat is the weather like in England?
Courtney USA

We have a mixture of weather. It can be hot, cold, wet and dry. Last week the country was covered in snow. This week we have had loads of rain causing much flooding. Tomorrow it could be sunny and warm. Sometimes we can have many different types of weather in one day. Mostly though, the weather is mild, not too hot and not too cold.

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