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Dolphins Shield Swimmers from Great White Shark

On 30 October 2004 a pod of seven dolphins saved four people swimming in the ocean off Whangarei, New Zealand from being attacked by a 3 metre (10 ft) great white shark.

A lifeguard was swimming with his daughter and two of her friends off Ocean beach near Whangarei on the North Island, when seven bottle nosed dolpins began aggressively herding the swimmers into a tight group by doing tight circles around them. The dolphins kept their vigil for 40 minutes until the shark lost interest, and the group could swim 100m back to the shore.

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Facts about Bottlenose dolphin

Length: 1.9 to 4.2 metres.

Weight: Average 250kg, but up to 650kg.

Diet: A varied diet of fish and squid. An adult bottlenose dolphin may consume 8kg to 15kg of food a day.

image: Shark

Facts about Great white shark

Length: Can grow up to 7m but commonly reach 4m to 5m.

Weight: Up to 2100kg.

Diet: They eat almost anything that swims, including people, although their main food is seals.






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