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School Life for a 13 year old British Boy

My School is a mixed 11-18 school. There about 1,150 students in my school, including 200 in the sixth form. It is called a Technology College and specialises in Computers and Maths. My school has over 1200 computers (including over 400 tablet PC's)

I am in Year 8 and at the end of Key Stage 3 (a year earlier than normal). I am presently having to decide what GCSEs I would like to start working towards. I sit my GCSE exams next year instead of the year after when most other people of my age will be doing them.

Some subjects are compulsory like Maths, English, Science and a foreign language. I am not sure what other GSCEs I will be taking. I will have to decide soon.

My School Day

I leave home at 6:45 and walk 20 minutes to catch a bus to school. The bus is a special one just for kids going to my school. The journey on the bus takes an hour because it has to keep stopping to pick up other students along the way.

When I arrive at school, I collect my Tablet PC from the Flexi (Flexiable Learning Centre). Then I go to my Tutor Room for Registration at 8:30.

What is registration?
The attendance of every child attending school each morning and afternoon is recorded in a special book.

The teacher reads out each child’s name in turn. On hearing his/her name, the child replies 'yes Mrs. (teacher's name)' and the teacher notes down in the book whether the child is in school or not.

We listen to announcements to see what special things are happening at school today or this week.

At about 8:50 we leave Tutor Room to go to our First Period. Every day I have a different Lesson the first period. Normally it is Humanities but I also have Maths, Drama and Music, and French on the other days. Each period lasts an hour.

All my lessons are in different rooms and places around the school. Each Room either has a three digit number or a name. The numbers are very hard to remember!. I have different teachers for each lesson. I have a locker where I can store some of my stuff but otherwise I have to carry it all around with my in my bags.

Swipe Cards
Every Student carries a swipe card. We swipe into every lesson to let the school know that we have attended that certain lesson and to know where we are in case of emergencies.

On the Swipe Card there are two stripes, a black and a brown. The brown is to swipe into lessons and the black is to get into the toilets and buildings.

We can put money on our Swipe cards instead of carrying cash around. When we want to pay for snacks at the Tuck Shop or canteen we just hand over our cards and they deduct the money.


Maths, English Science ICT
Drama Music Art PE

Humanities (History, Geography, and Religion)

French or Spanish

Time Table

9:00 1st Period

10:00 2nd Period

11:00 - 11:20 Break
During break, I have a snack and play and chat with my friends. Usually we play 'IT' a chasing game. Snow ball fight when it snows is dead fun.

11:20 3rd Period

12:30 4th Period

1:30 - 2:10 Lunch
I bring a packed lunch to school but occasionally I have school dinners in the School Canteen.

2:10 5th Period

3:10 End of School

Sometimes I stay after school for clubs.

The Canteen is open at Lunch Time and Break Time. Most hot food is served only at lunch time. Chips are only available on Mondays and Fridays.

Tablet PC
We don't use our Tablet PCs in all lessons because some rooms do not have enough power sockets. We use the Tablets to do our work on and to search the Internet. Our Tablet PCs are connected to a Network so we can send our work straight to our teachers. and they can send them back with their comments.

Written by Erik

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