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Your Guide to
British Life, Culture and Customs

by Mandy Barrow

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About these resources

I created the Woodlands Junior website in 1999. Since then I have created over 35,000 pages with easy to read information to help people learn about Britain and the world.

My resources made Woodlands Junior School world famous! It has been featured world wide in many books, magazines and newspapers; as well as on radio and television. The school has also been visited by American and European film crews and teachers from other countries too.

I left Woodlands Junior School in 2003 but kept on updating the website and adding more resources. In 2012, the school created a new website for themselves. Even though my old resources are still on the website, I have created two new websites to host all my up to date resources.
Full of facts and information about life in Britain.
Information and photos on a variety of topics