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British Life and Culture

by Mandy Barrow

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British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales
What images are associated with England?

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Flag of EnglandEngland is one of the countries that make up Great Britain. Each country has its own famous places, people and objects associated with them.

Many images associated with England are found on souvenirs. Most commonly depicted are the flag of England (St George's Cross), Royal Guardsmen, Double Deck Buses, Red Post Boxes, Telephone Kiosks, The Royal  FamilyBuckingham  Palace, Houses Of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral, Policemen, The London Eye, Pub Signs and Tea.

Tea Cosy
What images associated with England can you spot on the tea Cosy above?
Answers at the bottom of the page.

The Union Flag is a the symbol of the whole of the UK, not England alone


The three national symbols of England are the St. George's cross (usually seen as a flag), the red rose and the Three Lions crest (usually seen as a badge).

England flag
Three lions emblem
St George's Flag, the England Flag

cket logo
England Football emblem
The three lions are on the badge
of England's cricket team
The three lions are on the badge
of England's football team

Red Rose
English rugby emblem
The red rose is widely recognised as the national flower of England. The red rose is on the badge of the English Rugby Union team.

Oak tree
The oak is the national tree of England

The Royal Family
The Queen
Prince Charles
Prince William
Queen Elizabeth
Prince Charles
Prince William

foot guard
life guard on horse

On the Street
Double decker bus
Black taxi cab
Red Double Decker buses
Black taxi cabs

British post box
british telephone box
Pillar Box (Post Box)
Telephone box
CrownRoyal crownBoth the post box and telephone box have a picture of a crown on them. The crown on the postbox also has the monarchs initials underneath. We have postboxes with VR (Victoria Regina) and GR (Georgeus Rex) still in use today.
Victoria Regina is latin for Queen Victorian and Georgeus Rex is latin for King George.

Famous People
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Queen Victoria
David Beckham
Winston Churchill
David Beckham

Famous Landmarks
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Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
London Eye
Big Ben

Food and Drink
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Cup of tea
 Cup of tea

Manchester United
(The home of Tennis)

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Symbols of England found on the tea cosy at the top of the page

Big Ben
Tower of London
London Eye
Royal Coat of Arms
Black Taxi
Foot Guard
Buckingham Palace
Life Guard
Double Decker Bus
St Paul's Cathedral
Pint of Beer
Tower Bridge
Union Flag



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