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British Life and Culture

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British life and culture - England, Scotland and Wales
What are the differences between
British English and American English?

In and around the House

I watch the telly whilst lying on the settee.

Whilst is used in British English. It is another word for while

 British English

 American English

The Toilet / Loo / The John /
Bog / WC / Visiting the little boys (little girl's room).
Bathroom / Restroom
Bathroom - the room where the bath is. If you asked us for the bathroom we will think you want to have a bath!
Backyard / Yard
Cupboard Closet
Curtains Drapes
Net curtains Sheers/under drapes
Bin / Dust Bin
Trash Can
Telephone / Blower / Phone
Television / Box / Telly/ TV
TV / Television
Cooker e.g. gas cooker, electric cooker
Range or Stove
Couch / Sofa / Settee
Hand Basin / Sink
Run the bath
Fill the tub
Bath Bath tub
Bath (v.)
Wireless / Radio
Clothes peg Clothes pin
Sitting room Living room
Living room Living room
Lounge Living room
Drawing room Living room
Sofa Davenport/couch


 British and American Vocabulary

Clothes Parts of a Car
At School In and around the House
On the Road People
Buildings / Shops Sport
Let's Eat! A- Z British to American
British and American Spellings  
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